June 10, 2022

Lincoln NE Sandblasting and Painting Company / Portable Rig for on-site surface prep

Restoration contractors Wissmann Enterprises, Inc (+1-402-761-1993) based in Milford, Nebraska, announced new service extensions, improving access to their on-site mobile sandblasting in Lincoln and throughout the ‘State. This option is available for commercial, industrial and residential purposes in addition to their shop paint coating services.

With newly expanded services, Wissmann Enterprises is able to offer its mobile sandblasting and paint coating capabilities to more Nebraska-based customers.

For more information, see https://www.sandblastingandpainting.com

The new expansions complement the company’s proven mobile catering services, which it is equipped to perform on-site in Nebraska and the Midwest. Other options include its in-shop paint blasting and coating services, the latter utilizing an advanced paint booth at its local headquarters to complete projects throughout the year.

Wissmann Enterprises explains that its media and blasting services involve the complete cleaning of steel structures, storage tanks, trailers and more with powerful equipment. By stripping surfaces of debris and peeling paint, Nebraska contractors can prepare them for full restorations. Other beneficial effects for surfaces include strengthening as well as polishing.

Its on-site sandblasting services are performed with state-of-the-art mobile sandblasting platforms. Wissmann Enterprises brings its portable rig to requested locations before using efficient pipes for projects of all sizes. Additionally, Wissmann Enterprises allows residential, industrial, and commercial users of its blasting options to schedule convenient drop-off and pickup services at its primary location.

For paint coating projects, the staff aim to perform full-service restorations with their industry-approved paint booth technology. The licensed and insured team says that depending on the specific products for which painting services are needed, one of their extensive coating choices may be more appropriate.

“The quality of paint products has improved dramatically over the past few decades,” says a company spokesperson. “Using the correct coating is very important to the longevity of the protection it provides. We use a variety of coatings such as acrylic, epoxy and urethane, and each may be better suited to the qualities of different products.

Wissmann Enterprises has successfully endured for over thirty years while providing Milford and other Nebraska communities with reliable sandblasting and paint restoration services. His latest announcement marks the company’s continued commitment to providing expert sandblasting and liquid coating solutions throughout the Midwest.

Interested parties in Milford or across Nebraska are invited to visit https://www.sandblastingandpainting.com to learn more about Wissmann Enterprises and its range of commercial, residential or industrial sandblasting and paint coating services.

Contact information:
Name: Stephen Wissman
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Wissmann Enterprises Inc.
Address: 691 Grover Rd, Milford, NE 68405, USA
Phone: +1-402-761-1993
Website: https://sandblastingandpainting.com/

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