June 10, 2022

Revenue of sandblasting machines will increase during the forecast period due to rapid adoption in key industries

The deployment of sandblasting machines is likely to be boosted by the rapid development of the global construction industry. Sandblasting or shot blasting equipment is used in both construction and repair processes in residential and commercial buildings, bridges, architectural statues and many other places for surface finishing and cleaning applications. The process of sandblasting involves forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to remove surface contaminants or smooth a surface.

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Some of the different abrasive blasting processes are shot blasting, grit blasting, soda blasting, sandblasting and others. Automated sandblasting is in high demand as it provides surface preparation and coating applications under controlled conditions with minimal or no environmental impact. Strict environmental regulations will fuel the demand for automated blasting. The marine and construction sectors accounted for around 60% of the share of portable sandblasting products.

The equipment has also proven excellent for use in the repair and maintenance of pipelines in the oil and gas sector. Rising spending on construction activities across the globe is poised to create lucrative opportunities for the adoption of blasting equipment over the next few years. Reports indicate that the sandblasting machine market size will reach USD 550 million in terms of annual revenue by the end of 2025.

Wet blasting is estimated to register a significant growth rate over the next few years owing to its applicability in a myriad of industries including painting, construction, fabrication, fabrication, among others. Among a variety of control systems, automatic control system is expected to grow by 5.5% during the forecast period owing to increase in technological developments in machinery in major economies including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan.

Sandblasting machines with a tank capacity of less than 1000L will dominate the industrial landscape due to the growing demand for products in the automotive and construction sectors. Abrasive blast machines are widely used for automotive manufacturing and vehicle refurbishment applications. Increased vehicle manufacturing capacity at new facilities could still fuel product rollout, albeit after the coronavirus pandemic subsides beyond 2020.

The North America sandblasting machine market will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% owing to increased investment in oil and gas exploration projects in recent times. Between 2017 and 2018, the United States experienced over 3.5% growth in overall construction spending, during which non-residential and residential construction spending increased by over $33 million and 14 million, respectively. millions of dollars. These trends are likely to favor the regional construction market which in turn will drive the demand for abrasive blast machines in the coming years.

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The Asia-Pacific region has seen substantial growth in infrastructure development. Public and private investment in the construction sector and positive government initiatives in developing economies have boosted commercial and residential construction. Rapid urbanization rate, robust industrialization, improving income levels of the middle class population and rising living standards are some of the other factors that will influence the regional growth of the industry construction. The Asia-Pacific sandblasting market will hold nearly 35% of the overall share of regional infrastructure development and increased automobile production post COVID-19 era.

Table of contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1. Methodology and scope


1.2. Market definitions

1.3.Market estimation and forecast parameters

1.4.Data sources


1.4.2.Secondary Paid sources sources

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1.360° Overview of Sandblasting Machine Industry, 2013 – 2025

2.1.1.Commercial trends

2.1.2.Trends in types of blasting

2.1.3. Control system trends

2.1.4. Reservoir capacity trends

2.1.5.Product trends by end user

2.1.6. End User Trends

2.1.7.Regional trends

Chapter 3. Industry Overview of Sandblasting Machines

3.1.Industry Segmentation

3.2.Industry Size and Forecast, 2014 – 2025

3.3.Industry Ecosystem Analysis

3.3.1. Profit margin

3.3.2.Added value

3.3.3.Analysis of distribution channels

3.3.4.After-sales service

3.3.5. Supplier matrix of main component suppliers of major product manufacturers/distributors of sandblasting service providers

3.4.Mega trends

3.5.Innovation & sustainability

3.5.1. Component analysis

3.5.2.Analysis of patents

3.5.3. Technological landscape

3.5.4.Manufacturing process

3.5.5.Comparison of different equipment

3.5.6. Future trends

3.6.Industry impact forces

3.6.1.Growth levers of robotic sandblasting equipment Developments in the global construction industry of the global metallurgy industry Regional Pacific Automotive Industry Growth of the maritime industry in Asia-Pacific

3.6.2.Industry pitfalls and challenges Health and environmental concerns Debris management and disposal issues

3.7.Regulatory landscape

3.7.1.United States



3.8.Growth potential analysis

3.9.Regional Price Trends

3.9.1.Analysis of the cost structure R&D cost Manufacturing and equipment cost Cost of raw materials Distribution cost cost costs

3.9.2.Prices by type of shot blasting

3.9.3.Price per control system

3.9.4. Price according to tank capacity

3.9.5. Price per product

3.9.6.Price per end user

3.10.Competitive landscape, 2018

3.10.1.Company Market Share Analysis, 2018

3.10.2. Brand analysis

3.10.3. Main stakeholders

3.10.4. Strategy Dashboard

3.11. Porter’s analysis

3.11.1. Power of the supplier

3.11.2.Power of the buyer

3.11.3. Threat of new entrants

3.11.4. Industrial rivalry

3.11.5. Threat of substitutes

3.12.PESTEL analysis

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